Company Philosophy

Gillane Tool Supply Inc., Focus has always been to provide the highest performing quality tooling, Prints, re-sharping tooling, Inserts, & abrasives. Always on time and at a reasonable cost to our customers.  Gillane Tool Supply’s is a company providing precision tooling services throughout New England. Our Company has serviced many different fields of manufacturing; encompassing the aerospace, automotive, commercial, fire arms, and medical industries for over 50 years by providing high performance Inserts, End mills, Saw Blades, Reamers, Custom Tools, and abrasive products for a wide range of applications. Gillane Tool is ready an able to take on both large and small re-sharpen project, Custom tool print, and look into better tooling for preexisting jobs running or recurring. We are renown for our competitive quotes on our tooling, coolant, and print work. Whether it be production job looking for quotation and completion, or a custom tool to do the job in house. Gillane Tool is only a email or phone call away. Gillane’s substantial inventory also allows us to serve as a same day/ next day product delivery. Stocking what you need most. Please take some time and tour our web site so that you can learn more about the product line that we offer and the manufacturers we work directly with to better serve you.

Precision Tool Creation & Tool Repurpose Program

There is always numerous new ways of CNC programming technology and new innovations to modern day tooling to be tried in different applications. The introduction of new materials and coatings means old tools can constantly be updated; in which, greatly improves longer lasting tool life and better tool performance. Our companies thrive on innovation to tooling with new technology to speed up and enhance productivity and tool life.  Here at Gillane tool, We believes that innovation to new tooling and continuous improvement of existing tooling longates life of your tools, meaning your tool sharpening investment yields superior results with less overall costs when machining.  Through a combination of New Machine innovations with coolant through technology and innovative CNC precision, no job to big or small. Existing tooling is now salvaged quickly and efficiently. Incorporated with multiple shops, performing CNC precision re-sharpens with, with state of the line coatings. Inquire Today!

Uncomprmiseable tooling specialists in every field

This philosophy makes it possible for Gillane tool supply to offer large quantity of new tooling and help you expand tool life by Reusing the old to get the most out of your shops tooling. Thus helping lowering production costs cheaper than the competition.  This is also the reason that has been able to serve very diverse industries.  Gillane is a recognized by offering a great line up of products at a competitive cost for all your machining and tooling needs. If you need the tooling, Gillane Tools the right place to go.

Office Facilities

Gillane Tool Supply started up in 1971 with a goal to provide affordable new tooling to a variety of different machine shops throughout the Connecticut area. The company took off and partnered with many different shops and distributers to provide the best variety of industrial technology’s to enhance production throughout the area. Currently, Under a 1,000 square foot ware house in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Under Jim’s and his family's  leadership, Gillane’s name became synonymous with quality, reliability and productivity. Today, under the guidance of his two sons, Corey Norton has taking the rains on outside sales, and Shane Norton is the inside machinist overseeing all re-sharpening projects for the company as well as technical support in running new tooling with enhanced speeds & feeds. This family-owned business has grown to service over 1,500 shops across New England; Distributing well  over 85,000 different products to many manufacturers throughout Connecticut, Road Island ,& Massachutches. But, As years pass, the basic mission of Gillane Tool has never changed. Best Tool for the right Job.