Gillane Tool Supply offers many different ways to make sure you get the most life out of your tooling. We can reface broken end mills and a verity of different pieces. Re-sharpen diameter and radiuses and add spific sizes to different tools as needed. And can provide any coating to a tool as a recoat or fresh coat on uncoated pieces. These are a small step we take at gillane tool to insure you and your company are getting the most out of your tool life.

Here at Gillane tool, We believes that innovation to new tooling and continuous improvement of existing tooling longates life of your tools, meaning your tool sharpening investment yields superior results with less overall costs when machining.  Through a combination of New Machines with coolant through technology and innovative CNC precision, and a diverse array of company’s with state of the art of CNC milling/turning machines equipped and ready to go. Existing tooling is now salvaged quickly and efficiently. Incorporated with multiple shops, performing CNC precision resharpns with, with state of the line coatings. Inquire Today!

There is always numerous new ways of CNC programming technology and new innovations to modern day tooling to be tried in different applications. The introduction of new materials and coatings means old tools can constantly be updated; in which, greatly improves longer lasting tool life and better tool performance. Our companies thrive on innovation to tooling with new technology to speed up and enhance productivity and tool life. 

Insert Sharpening, We Give You A Real Edge! 

No Matter What Your Dull Tooling Needs, We Have Your Solution.