Most popular Lines Offered from The Harry Miller Corporation.

Actispeed® is a combination acid inhibitor and accelerator for pickling operations.

Activol® is line of acid inhibitors for pickling operations.

Aerogrind® is a synthetic coolant for surface grinding.

Aerokleen® is a line of synthetic industrial detergents.

Aerokut® is a line of cutting oils for machining operations.

Aerotap® is a line of straight oils and lubricants for machining and tapping.

Aqualube® is a synthetic line of stamping and drawing lubricants.

Aquaroll® is a synthetic line of lubricant for rolling ferrous and non-ferrous strip.

Aquatemp® is a synthetic Temper Mill lubricant and rust preventive for wet tempering.

Atmoscleer® is a fume-suppressant for batch pickling.

Cellotone® is an acid cleaner for felt cleaning in paper mills.

Grotan™ is a wide-spectrum biocide for industrial metalworking.

Hamico® is a line of rinse additives for strip pickling.

Hamicote® is a lime bath additive.

Hamidraw® is a line of soluble oils used for drawing and stamping lubricants.

Hamikleen® is an additive for sulfuric batch pubs.

Hamikleer® a line of synthetic machining and grinding coolants.

Hamikut® is a line of soluble oils for machining and grinding.

Hamilube® is a line of straight oils for drawing and stamping.

Hamisolve® is a line of solvent cleaners for metalworking.

Hamisonic® is a line of non-destructive testing gels for contact testing.

Hamistrip® is a line of highly caustic immersion cleaners to remove rust.

Hamiterge® is a line of alkaline immersion and spray cleaners.

Immunol® is line of synthetic rust inhibitors and detergents for immersion cleaning.

Kathon™ is a wide-spectrum biocide for industrial metalworking.

Kleenlube® is a premium quality lubricant for machine tool slideways and hydraulics.

Kleerkut® is a line of semi-synthetic coolants for machining and grinding.

Mill Purge® is an alkaline spray cleaner for general industrial maintenance applications.

PE is a straight oil for machining ferrous and non-ferrous parts.

Pickle Life® is an sulfuric acid extender.

Potentol® is a line of acid inhibitors for use in industrial cleaning and fracking operations.

Purgitol® is a synthetic detergent for immersion and ultrasonic cleaning.

Rainkote® is a line of solvents and oil-based rust preventives.

Steelgard® is a full line of rust inhibitors for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Sunspeed® is a line of acid accelerators for HCl pickling.

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